Monday, March 16, 2009

Book Fiend with a Craft Habit

Why is it, when you go to the local book super-store, they have books on craft, but it's crappy craft? I've always known there are great books on craft out there, but they always seem to elude me. Jennifer Perkins, of our sister chapter the Austin Craft Mafia, has been highlighting great books of craft on her blog. Most importantly, these books are of an entrepreneurial spirit and help the artist in us craft our business skills. You already know how a blow torch and jewelers' saw works, and now you will know how to market the products you make with those handy skills.

To get a quick overview of the books check out Jennifer's blog:

Thanks for keeping us inspired Jennifer!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Classes Making Craft a Cinch!

A little stilted in your craft knowledge? Not to worry. We have the cure. The Craft Kitchen. No longer will you have to beg friends' mothers and grandmothers to show you how to sew or make candy, nor will you have to hit up college students as they exit art class for tips on screen printing. The classes start at $30 and depending upon how complicated the skill is, go up from there. The class sizes are limited to 8 so you won't be left holding your scissors with no idea how to use them. So, is your inner crafter dying to be set loose? Sign up for classes now and have plenty of time to practice your new skills in time for all those hand-made holiday gifts you'll be cranking out!

Some of our Mafioso gals are signed up for Terrarium Class!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Twirl Your Mind Around This!

Oceanside Craft Mafia Member Sarah Davis is donating one of her adorable tutu's for auction to "Royal Slumber Crop." This event is hosted by Scrapbook Royalty, a non-profit organization that does scrapbooking events to raise money for local charities. Visit their website at Twirlin' in Tutus is also donating a percentage of their sales that come through the event!

Scrapbook Royalty is selling raffle tickets for a georgous hand carved wooden surfboard amongst other raffle prizes. The tickets are $10 a piece and of course are a donation, you can see the board and all the great donated raffle items at Please spread the word about the raffle you don't have to be present to win.